The Gilded Peacock – A Layered Paint Look

I have always loved the colors of a peacock feather!  Over the years I have been asked to imitate this color combo on furniture….and I’ve gone about it several ways.   This layered paint look experiment was by far the easiest of the techniques….AND resulted in the most luxurious finish!  So I decided to share […]

Fancy Faux Gone Wild

You are never gonna believe how many colors were used for this French side table. When our customer said she wanted a faux marble top…well…lets just say I’m glad Tracey is the designer and creator of this “fancy!” She was nervous as heck but she tackled it like a trooper if you ask me. We […]

Simple Sophistication

As Tracey tells it…”Look at what a piece can offer you.  What is it trying to tell you; How does it want to be dressed.” One look at this beautiful buffet and it said, “Don’t overdress me!”  That’s “fancy” talk for ….don’t add too much paint or don’t over-paint me! (just a little Texas humor) […]