A Wonderland Vanity

This.  This is my happy place. My excitement meter shoots up about 220% when someone contacts me and ask me to do something in Alice in Wonderland style.  And get this…..they PAY ME to do it!!!  They offer me $$$ to go to MY HAPPY PLACE!  Is this really even work???  Not this piece….no work […]

Hello Gorgeous Painted Vanity

Well HELLO GORGEOUS!!!! Something about this custom-painted vanity makes me hear that Meghan Trainor song “Me Too”! Do you know this song??  If not….you need to look it up and LISTEN!  It’s a super sassy, feel-good song that makes you want to dance in front of a mirror! …….”if I was you, I’d wanna be […]

Adding Subtle Gold and Silver Accents

We were asked to locate and custom paint a LARGE desk that would be used as a make-up/dressing room vanity.  This client found that a normal sized vanity just did not offer her enough space for all of her product (something I cannot EVEN imagine as I am the most basic with my morning routine)! […]