The Gilded Peacock – A Layered Paint Look

I have always loved the colors of a peacock feather!  Over the years I have been asked to imitate this color combo on furniture….and I’ve gone about it several ways.   This layered paint look experiment was by far the easiest of the techniques….AND resulted in the most luxurious finish!  So I decided to share […]

Not Too Shabby!

Who knew San Antonio had so many talented, fun and eager to learn artisans? We did!!!!  We just knew it!  We were anxious to offer a time and place where we could come together and share our love of a good paint project!   So this lead us to our very first Tracey’s Fancy Paint Workshop! […]

Making A Cameo Appearance

When going for a monochromatic look on furniture….stick to colors that are from the same hue.  Monochromatic does not mean ONE COLOR….but similar colors from the same tone.  This outdated early 1980’s armoire was “reloved” with five shades from the tan color family.  You can do this with any color you want….and it really is […]