Tu-Tu Dress Up Cart

Every little girl that I have ever met….LOVES to play dress up!  I love the trend of providing the little princess with a “dress up station”!  However…the stations that you purchase from Target or Amazon often lack personality….so this is where I step in….with nothing other than my paint and a paint brush! This post […]

Making A Cameo Appearance

When going for a monochromatic look on furniture….stick to colors that are from the same hue.  Monochromatic does not mean ONE COLOR….but similar colors from the same tone.  This outdated early 1980’s armoire was “reloved” with five shades from the tan color family.  You can do this with any color you want….and it really is […]

Black Velvet

This piece of furniture has been a show-stopper for me! I have received so many messages ….emails…..request…..to repeat this exact same look again and again! *This post contains some affiliate links for paint products I use. Any purchase helps fund this blog. Thank you! I am sharing with you the process (in brief)….so possibly you can […]