Tu-Tu Dress Up Cart

Every little girl that I have ever met….LOVES to play dress up!  I love the trend of providing the little princess with a “dress up station”!  However…the stations that you purchase from Target or Amazon often lack personality….so this is where I step in….with nothing other than my paint and a paint brush! This post […]

Yellow Armoire with Furniture Stamps

Well, HELLO sunshine! This piece is loaded with personality….stenciled….stamped (which I’m going to tell you all about)….and ready for delivery! I know….I know….it is certainly not what is on trend right now…as we are surrounded by gray in every shade!  But I have fun and funky clients who enjoy color and expressing their eclectic taste! So […]

Moroccan Red and Gold Dresser

This blog post is for my COLOR LOVERS!!! This rich and dramatic color infused red and gold dresser was SO fulfilling to paint!!!  I used a special mixture to obtain this vibrant red and could hardly wait to share it with you.  I promise you….NO filter was used on this photo.  This is the TRUE finished […]