Yellow Armoire with Furniture Stamps

Well, HELLO sunshine! This piece is loaded with personality….stenciled….stamped (which I’m going to tell you all about)….and ready for delivery! I know….I know….it is certainly not what is on trend right now…as we are surrounded by gray in every shade!  But I have fun and funky clients who enjoy color and expressing their eclectic taste! So […]

Moroccan Red and Gold Dresser

This blog post is for my COLOR LOVERS!!! This rich and dramatic color infused red and gold dresser was SO fulfilling to paint!!!  I used a special mixture to obtain this vibrant red and could hardly wait to share it with you.  I promise you….NO filter was used on this photo.  This is the TRUE finished […]

Red Cabinets

Check out these gorgeous red cabinets! You can do this yourself! Painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is JUST NOT DIFFICULT anymore! With the huge movement of chalk type paint….projects that used to be considered a major undertaking are now quite easy for even the most novice of DIY-ers!  AND IT IS AFFORDABLE!!!! These red […]