“A” Painted Bed for a Princess

  Hello my loves! This week’s blog is the story of a painted bed makeover that is worthy of a  few minutes…. I promise! The soft and dreamy “A” bed…… This gorgeous painted bed is a stark contrast to what it started out as: a deep cherry-ish mahogany color….no depth….and a hardcore shiny factory finish that really […]

Elegant Old Hollywood Bed

This dainty and simple bed almost became family! It literally “hung out” in my warehouse for almost two years! And it did NOT look like the glamorous Old Hollywood Bed you see below….   It looked like this! When I purchased the bed I saw “something” in her.  I  knew she had RICH potential. So […]

Classic Black vs. White Painted Headboard

We purchased both of these fabulous beds at a local European auction and just knew they would be snatched up by clients within days.  We couldn’t have been more wrong!!  Both beds stayed in our inventory for over a year!  Why???  I have no clue.  But what is even more strange to me is that […]