Playful Dress Up Cart

Happy Holidays everyone! I’m hoping your Thanksgiving was full of friends, family, and lots of good food! I was lucky enough to spend the last several days surrounded by all of my children, and their children, way too much food, a few movies…and I managed to lead THREE of my Fabulous Dah-ling Paint Parties! One […]

Polka Dot Dresser

A playful polka-a-dot dresser for sweet baby number three! “Don’t hold back” she said. “I want it whimsical like your other pieces” she said. “I want you to let your creative juices flow” she said. Well….I let go…….and they flowed! I was given a small swatch of fabric from which I chose the paint colors […]

Moroccan Red and Gold Dresser

This blog post is for my COLOR LOVERS!!! This rich and dramatic color infused red and gold dresser was SO fulfilling to paint!!!  I used a special mixture to obtain this vibrant red and could hardly wait to share it with you.  I promise you….NO filter was used on this photo.  This is the TRUE finished […]