A Wonderland Vanity

This.  This is my happy place. My excitement meter shoots up about 220% when someone contacts me and ask me to do something in Alice in Wonderland style.  And get this…..they PAY ME to do it!!!  They offer me $$$ to go to MY HAPPY PLACE!  Is this really even work???  Not this piece….no work […]

Playful Dress Up Cart

Happy Holidays everyone! I’m hoping your Thanksgiving was full of friends, family, and lots of good food! I was lucky enough to spend the last several days surrounded by all of my children, and their children, way too much food, a few movies…and I managed to lead THREE of my Fabulous Dah-ling Paint Parties! One […]

Moroccan Red and Gold Dresser

This blog post is for my COLOR LOVERS!!! This rich and dramatic color infused red and gold dresser was SO fulfilling to paint!!!  I used a special mixture to obtain this vibrant red and could hardly wait to share it with you.  I promise you….NO filter was used on this photo.  This is the TRUE finished […]