Early American China Hutch Makeover

I am a VERY sentimental person!  Like very!!!!  Both my mother and my father have passed….and I miss them greatly!  I use items that belonged to them in my home as decor….for comfort…..and a gentle reminder on the daily….as to where I come from….and wanting to honor my past.  So I love that my work […]

The Jack Daniels Rabbit Hole

These are a few of my faaaa-vor-ite things! (insert Sound of Music tune)…. I know you know….it’s no secret I enjoy my Jack Daniels with a little Diet Coke every now and then…. But did you know???  I am an HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan!!!   Give me an opportunity to share some Alice whimsy […]

Gorgeous Gator Patina Dresser

Hello my FANCY friends! Look what I did!  LOL!  Totally not my “norm”…..and you won’t believe how I got here! But I won’t share that saga with you today…that is another story in itself  (and I have photos to prove the path was long and frightening).  TODAY….I share with you my Gator Patina Dresser!!!! I […]