A Wonderland Vanity

This.  This is my happy place. My excitement meter shoots up about 220% when someone contacts me and ask me to do something in Alice in Wonderland style.  And get this…..they PAY ME to do it!!!  They offer me $$$ to go to MY HAPPY PLACE!  Is this really even work???  Not this piece….no work […]

Polka Dot Dresser

A playful polka-a-dot dresser for sweet baby number three! “Don’t hold back” she said. “I want it whimsical like your other pieces” she said. “I want you to let your creative juices flow” she said. Well….I let go…….and they flowed! I was given a small swatch of fabric from which I chose the paint colors […]

Hello Sunshine Painted Buffet

Hello from Texas! Where it is still 90+ degrees outside and the thought of pulling out my fall decor just doesn’t seem right even though we are almost halfway through September already! So I spent the last week whipping up a painted buffet with a lot of sunshine and happiness!  Who says we have to […]