The Jack Daniels Rabbit Hole

These are a few of my faaaa-vor-ite things! (insert Sound of Music tune)…. I know you know….it’s no secret I enjoy my Jack Daniels with a little Diet Coke every now and then…. But did you know???  I am an HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan!!!   Give me an opportunity to share some Alice whimsy […]

Hello Gorgeous Painted Vanity

Well HELLO GORGEOUS!!!! Something about this custom-painted vanity makes me hear that Meghan Trainor song “Me Too”! Do you know this song??  If not….you need to look it up and LISTEN!  It’s a super sassy, feel-good song that makes you want to dance in front of a mirror! …….”if I was you, I’d wanna be […]

Simple Guide to a Glamorous Desk

Hello hello hello my lovelies!!! It’s short and sassy today! Check it out….. ***yes you have seen this glamorous desk before in my gallery..but this is the second version….my client asked for a repeat of the first…so this really is a NEW project*** Before: I did give this glamorous desk a thin coat of Shellac […]