Plank Walls

Oh My GOODNESS Gertrude!!!  Who would have ever known?!?!?!  I  was asked to make a plank wall using metallic paints over three years ago….2013 to be exact.  I had no idea at the time that the pictures of this particular plank wall would go completely viral and our orders would just explode!

Metallic Plank Wall

Feature Wall

There were “imitation” Tracey’s Fancy plank walls popping up daily on Pinterest and Hometalk and blogs as DIY’ers across the country were tackling this wall on their own!  One day it occurred to me that I could make these walls and SHIP them as a kit to be installed!  I no longer had to travel to install these walls!  So here I am today, still pumping out this gorgeous gray/silver metallic wall on a weekly basis! Read more of my Plank Wall story here.

What is needed from you?
~ height of the room from floor (or baseboard) to ceiling (or crown molding).
~ width of the room.
~ your zip code (for shipping quote)
~ a photo of the wall that it will be installed on.
~ are there any windows or doors on this wall?
~ do you need it by a specific date?
~ what colors would you like to use?
~ fabric and/or wood swatches for textiles and furniture that will be in the room.
~ who will be doing your install?

Once I have this information, I will be able to give you quote on the wall and the shipping.  If you are local to San Antonio, I will also be able to offer installation.

Due to customization process, I take orders by calendar appointment. My first opening to customize a wall is usually between 4-5 weeks. Please don’t let this deter you from ORDERING! I promise….you will be pleased….and it is worth the wait!

Please fill out this contact form to get started!