Money Desk

Sometimes we get “unique” requests.  This happens to be one of those requests!  A video gaming company asked if we could help him create a one-of-a-kind, Desk-O-Cash as a gift for their COO.  Here’s the “Inspiration” photo sent to us! No your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  Yes; that’s REAL money!  Now don’t worry; we did […]

70’s Bedroom Transformed

Angela kept her mom’s bedroom set.  So many memories growing up.  She just couldn’t get rid of it but knew it needed some “major” updating! She told Tracey, “Do what you want. All I ask is that you keep it fun, bright, even whimsy! Mom was all of that and more!” Angela didn’t want progress […]

Introduction to Traceys Fancy

You get one chance to make a good and lasting impression on people so this introduction HAS to be…well…Fabulous, Fantastic, even Monumental! This is actually one of the easier tasks since I get to be the one to introduce everyone to….drum roll…. my friend…the real “Tracey” of Traceys Fancy!               […]