Design Services

Room Design in a Day (San Antonio and surrounding areas): $350

In six hours I will completely transform one room in your home.  Whether it be your master bedroom, your family room, the baby nursery or even the office.  I will arrive, discuss, measure, shop (with you….and within your budget), return and install new design elements alongside your existing decor.  It’s that simple!  And I promise it can be done!

Full Room Design (San Antonio and surrounding areas): $850

I will fully design one single room in your home.   I will work with you in choosing a fresh color scheme for the space.  I will assist you in choosing wall colors, furniture styles, flooring, lighting and fabrics.  This process is a bit more involved…and the results will leave you with the space of your dreams!

E-Room Design (do not need to be local): $250

This service is for those that just need direction but are willing to do a lot of the work and decision making themselves. This service requires emailed photographs of the space to be transformed and includes a 30 minute introduction phone call to discuss ideas.   I can assist with color, fabric, furniture and decor selections.  I will provide suggestions and links of items that can be ordered or purchased in your own area.  With just a little support…I will guide you through the decision making process that will lead you to a gorgeous room….and we never even have to actually meet!!!

Furniture Design Consult: $70

This service is for those of you that want to create your own beautiful piece of furniture….but you just need a little push!  I am here to supply you with design ideas, paint colors and exact product suggestions that will boost your confidence and get you ready to tackle the project!  I will ask you to provide a photo of the piece you will be painting…and within 24 hours I will email you with my suggestions and a plan of action!

Telephone Consult: $70

For all of you that want to pick my brain….this is where it happens!  I will spend one solid hour on the phone with you!  Just ME and YOU!  You can ask me anything you want!  How to paint furniture.  How to start an Etsy shop…  How to ship furniture…  Where to buy supplies…  How to choose the best colors…  What are my favorite tools… How to close a sale….Whatever you want to know!!!  Get your questions ready….I’m here for you!

For any of the above services, please fill out the form below.  I will respond to the email that you provide to discuss further details.  And then the fun begins!!!!