Playroom Mural

How lucky is Piper??  Who else wants to be Piper??  LOL! Piper’s mom sent me a photo of a “chalk wall” playroom mural that she wanted to use as inspiration for her own daughters playroom.  I am so in love with black walls right now…so this request made my day!  She did not want it […]

How to change out hardware and cover imperfections

This post is a short and quick tutorial on how to remove hardware that required TWO screws and replace with a knob that only has ONE screw….AND how to add texture to drawer fronts (or anywhere else) when you are wanting to cover imperfections…..AND how to add a light glaze wash with PAINT! I removed […]

A Wonderland Vanity

This.  This is my happy place. My excitement meter shoots up about 220% when someone contacts me and ask me to do something in Alice in Wonderland style.  And get this…..they PAY ME to do it!!!  They offer me $$$ to go to MY HAPPY PLACE!  Is this really even work???  Not this piece….no work […]