Farmhouse Vibe with a TEAL Dresser

Farmhouse Teal Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

My new RANT!

You can LOVE the farmhouse vibe…..and still embrace COLOR!

Just look at this rich teal dresser against the old barnwood in this photo!  They are RICH and RAW….HIGH and LOW…..RUSTIC and GLAM….milk and cookies….bacon and eggs!  You get it!

Mix it up people!!!!  Keep it interesting!

This post is NOT meant to be a drool-worthy photo post…but an actual tutorial on how to achieve this same look.  This piece is featured by Heirloom Traditions Paint company on their advertising material…which means it has received a TON of exposure.  Because of this….. I have been asked many times what products I used on this teal dresser and what steps I took.  And because I LOVE my peeps…I’ve answered every single time!  And then duh!  Why not just blog about it…and make it available to everyone!  So here goes:

I did NOT prime or shellac this piece as I so often do!  I knew the teal colors were dark enough to cover any bleed throughs….and I wanted a really raw and distressed look….with NO exposed primer…so a quick wipe down was all I did to prep!

I covered the entire piece (including the drawers) in Alexandrite, which is by far my favorite deep….rich….jewel-toned teal.

I then gave a very light sanding to keep the surface smooth…and the layers thin.

I then painted the carved areas of the teal dresser (edge around top surface, corner carvings and bottom trim  work) with a smaller brush in Synergy….which happens to be my favorite “light and happy” teal color by HTP!

I painted the top drawer in Aqueduct…the middle drawer in Privilege….and the bottom drawer in Tanya.

Farmhouse Teal Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

Once dry….I sanded back each drawer just enough to expose some of the Alexandrite from underneath.

Now…this step is important….I did a WIPE BACK step on the carvings.  That is MY lingo…and I do this often!  All of the carved areas are covered with the bright Synergy at this point.  So now…with your smaller brush again….go BACK over them heavily again with the deep Alexandrite making sure to get deep in the carving cracks.  Do this in smalls sections…and then with a BARELY damp cloth (or even a dry one)….immediately WIPE OFF the dark teal.  This will leave you with a deepened/stained Synergy…and the darker Alexandrite will be left in the cracks and crevices for the carvings.  It’s sort of like highlighting!  It is a layered-effect that is just gorgeous!  You cannot mess this up because it is sooooo easy….and soooo effective!


I then took a rotary sander to the drawer fronts – focusing mainly on the edges to expose raw wood.  This is an artful distressing…where you want to choose purposeful places to distress heavily… areas that would normally take a lot of abuse…like the edges of the drawers.  This helps the piece to look authentic and not like it was mauled by a tiger, which is what I think when I see some distressing done by “others”!  Sorry….that wasn’t very nice…but I KNOW you KNOW what I mean!  You’ve seen it!

I then made sure to run a fine grit piece of sand paper one last time over the top surface and sides just to knock back the paint surface a bit to get it to that buttery surface that chalk style paint provides.  Be sure to dust off!

The last step….and you are done!  I antiqued the entire teal dresser with Dark Antiquing Patina…which I use DAILY here in my shop!  I love it for so many reasons!  It instantly ages.  It leaves a nice sheen.  It self seals and protects.  It enhances grooves and crevices.  I literally slathered this on the entire piece.  I did it in sections…and wiped back with a damp cloth.  I did the top surface as one section.  Each side as a section.  Each drawer front individually.  And then the carved areas!  Do NOT be timid during this step!  Slap it on…wipe it off!  You can watch me do this on my favorite Jack Daniels Rabbit Hole piece here!

Farmhouse Teal Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

And that is it!!!!  It was so easy…yet has such a gorgeous finish!

A farmhouse vibe TEAL dresser!

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Farmhouse Teal Dresser | Tracey's Fancy      Farmhouse Teal Dresser with highlighted layered paint effect | Tracey's Fancy




  1. You are a brilliant furniture designer…that goes without saying. BUT, you are also hilarious! Thanks for the instructive step-by-step, AND the giggles! This piece is the perfect blend of rustic, vibrant and Farmhouse. Yum.

  2. Donna krivis says:

    the teal dresser is gorgeous
    Do you ever sell your works of art? I’m looking for a five or six dresser for my bedroom. My email is d.krivis@
    Thank you I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Donna

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