Wonderful Wall Art Ideas

Wall art is a new gig for me.

I did not look for “it” ….”it” found me.

It feels funny to be NEW at something.  I have painted furniture for so long now….and a certain confidence comes with time.  Painting signs is like dating a new guy…(even though I’m happily married…let me reminisce)…..I think I like it….I think I might be good at it….I’m just totally unsure….and completely not confident….but dying to do it again!  Ok..maybe that was an awful analogy….but you get it?

So as you can see below, the sign orders just keep rollin’ in!  I paint ’em and stack ’em and deliver ’em!

They are BIG!!!  Four feet long!  Statement pieces no doubt!

DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

The “hello gorgeous” sign above was incomplete and unframed in this photo….and was going to be offered at the boutique Nursery Couture.  Hailey, my oldest daughter, took one look at it and yanked it right up for her own baby nursery before Nursery Couture ever had a chance!  I have to admit…that it does look freakin’ amazing above Harlow Jean’s changing table in her little closet nook!  I also made the sign above the closet with Harlow’s name on it.  I had four antique bed rails in my inventory FOREVER…and finally decided to make them into signs and offer them as Salvaged Wall Art!  The first three sold in record time at Nursery Couture….and the fourth I had set aside just in case Hailey wanted one for the nursery.  I absolutely love the way it finishes off that space!  I am thrilled to say that this nursery has been featured TWICE now on Project Nursery!

Hello Gorgeous Wall Art | Tracey's Fancy

This Tori sign below was requested by a local “momma-to-be” here in San Antonio.  She asked me to make a sign with this exact saying on it.  I love what it says…and have to laugh because I actually know quite a few grown women that are still “living the fairytale”!

DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

I originally had polka dots in the background.  I sent her the drawing below…she made some minor changes….and the wall art above was created!

DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

I have had a lot of request lately for BOY wall art!  The adorable color combination below was for a client who had originally seen the my silver/gray/navy version of this.  She asked for these colors and I was a little nervous.  However, I was really pleased with the end result!  And I am sure it looks amazing on the navy wall that it was planned for!

DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy


DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

This wall art feature of mine went nuts on Instagram after being featured on Posh Baby!  Daniella, my client and momma of this baby boy, did a beautiful job putting this nursery together!  She had originally seen my metallic plank wall…but was not wanting an entire wall!  So she asked if I could do just a section of it that she could hang above the crib.  It was a genius idea and I have now made MANY of these!  I cut, paint and construct the piece.  I then disassemble…..package….and ship with instructions!  Thank you, Daniella, for your request over a year ago!

DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

My signs are all painted by hand.  I do not use stencils or vinyls.  I draw them onto the surface with an old-fashioned pencil…and paint the letters with a brush and paint!  I take pride in doing so….in today’s fast-paced computer graphics instant gratification world….it slows me down….and I like it!  The frames like the one below are made by my hubby…..thank goodness!  I don’t have the patience for all that clamping and gluing!  Not. My. Thing…..

DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

The sign below was made from an old vanity mirror that suffered a fall and broke into a gazillion pieces.

I literally painted directly onto the original backboard of the original mirror.  Pieces like this are unique and one-of-a-kind….and people love that!!
DIY Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

The funky modern name signs are sooooo popular!  The gold lettering and gold frame seems to be the most requested.  As always I turn to the Gold Leaf tiny bottle of magic!!!  Here the wall art is featured again directly above the crib.  And check out little Marielle like a little swaddled angel in that chair!


Girls Painted Wall art | Tracey's Fancy

Another vintage mirror frame turned sign!  This saying was picked out by Harper, an EIGHT-year-old client of mine!  LOL!  Not kidding.  Harper has a bed and a vanity of mine!  This wall art is now hanging directly above her antique Victorian bed!  This child is going to be President someday!


Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

This boho-styled wall art was used as a centerpiece backdrop for a baby shower…and then was gifted to the mom=to=be!  What a NICE gift to give to a good friend.  I will admit that the natural-looking flowers and twigs and leaves were a challenge for me….mentally!  But once I had my paint brush in hand I just went for it!  I am so pleased with the results!

Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy


Wall Art Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

I am honored to be asked to do so many wall art signs for so many bundles of joy!

I love that my furniture painting journey has led me to this new little gig…..wall art! If you’d like to order a custom piece — please contact me.

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I have tons more wall art ideas in my blog, there’s my shimmering mermaid wall art and my VERY POPULAR metallic plank walls! (These are on my Etsy store too. Just go here.) Plus, subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll get all future wall art ideas too!

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  1. Each and every example here speaks to why it’s important to trust ourselves and expand our comfort zone…Thank goodness you took the plunge, Tracey! Look what we’d be missing…Gorgeous work!

  2. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! You did Amazing! Keep it up! ❤❤❤ it all!

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