“A” Painted Bed for a Princess


Hello my loves!

This week’s blog is the story of a painted bed makeover that is worthy of a  few minutes…. I promise!

The soft and dreamy “A” bed……

A Painted Bed for a Queen | Tracey's Fancy

This gorgeous painted bed is a stark contrast to what it started out as: a deep cherry-ish mahogany color….no depth….and a hardcore shiny factory finish that really dated it!  It was boring!


painted bed before

My client was looking for a queen size bed for her 9-year-old daughter.  She wanted something that would grow with her through college.  She really only asked for a painted bed….”sorta” shabby chic in style….creamy white with some sort of script writing on it…..metallic accents and BLING….but not gaudy!  LOL!

So let me tell you……marrying the phrases “nine-year-old daughter” and “grow with her through college” is a big bill!!!  I have a daughter who has already graduated from college AND I have a nine-year-old girl at home RIGHT NOW!  A lot changes between 9 and 18 in the girl world….a lot!!!  Ok….I can do this….

Long story short….I located the bed….and like THAT fast I had my vision!  Not kidding……

I just needed my 9-year-old client’s momma to approve me using a little black…and a touch of soft pink!  Text sent…..text answered….trust and permission give….BAM!  Let’s do this!

Fast forward a few days…..to this!


A Painted Bed for a Queen | Tracey's Fancy

Check it out……

~ painted bed? check!

~ “sorta” shabby chic? check!

~creamy white? check!

~metallic accents? check!

~script? check…….you catchin’ my drift?

~added black and soft pink????  UMMMMmmmm…..yes!  And I love it!!!!!

~bling?  not so much…..ugh!  That comes later.  I just didn’t want to add BLING!

A Painted Bed for a Queen | Tracey's Fancy

This bed is painted in Heirloom Traditions French Vanilla….which is a gorgeous organic cream color without being too yellow.  The soft pink insets of the headboard and footboard are done in Blushing by Heirloom…and the script in French Vanilla again.  The crocodile pattern was done with HTP in Raven as well as the trim pieces in that same area.  (I have a video in a previous post on how I do crocodile raised stencils.) I really felt that adding the stronger crocodile pattern gave the bed an edge-y-ness that would help carry it through this little girls teen years.  And by using a super soft and subtle pink….I was able to accent the center panels without making it appear juvenile.  The painted bed is trimmed out and accented with Modern Masters Metallic paint in Champagne. It is a soft metallic that does not commit you to gold or silver….it is sort of “in between”!

I sealed the bed with Vintiques Top Coat in satin finish.

It is nearly impossible to deliver “sorta shabby chic” without a bit of distressing.  I describe here when and why it is sometimes soooooo necessary to distress features on furniture….


 I had not planned to glaze this bed AT ALL!  But the black croc pattern that I promised the mom would be subtle…was just drawing way too much attention to itself.  So I needed to offset…or balance the situation!  Time to break out the glaze!  AHHHHhhhh….would you look at that??  Look at the depth and detail that becomes so apparent when you add something as simple as a little dark liquid!

A Painted Bed for a Queen | Tracey's Fancy

I have included an example video of how to glaze.  I prefer Heirloom Traditions Dark Antiquing Patina.  It can be used full strength (which I did here)….you can add water for a less deep version….AND it seals your project while enhancing the details!


So one last thing…..BLING!  Why???  Because I sent photos of this yummy and completely transformed painted bed to my client.  SHE loved it….however her daughter asked where the “bling” was….lol!  Not even kidding.  Those nine-year-olds are tough!   So off to Hobby Lobby I went in search of bling that won’t make “MY” bed look tacky!!!
Let me just tell you this…..Hobby Lobby came through!  And my NINE-year-old client stuck to her guns on what she wanted….and she was RIGHT!  The flat-edged pearls enhanced with the tiny rhinestone center speck was almost meant for this bed.  It matched the beaded trim that encircled the insets on the headboard and footboard.  This Half Pearl Trim is pretty close to what I used.  Because I had already photographed this bed without the pearl additions…..I only have this small snapshot to share with you….but I think its enough for you to see the elegance that was added!


Painted Bed with Bling


I seriously love the addition…and I did this to both insets.   Did the painted bed NEED the bling?  No….it did not….but it accepted the bling….and the little princess was happy!



I really enjoyed sharing this painted bed process with you.  Please Subscribe to my weekly blog where I will continue to share furniture transformations with you. If you want to see a few more  of my painted beds, see my Elegant Old Hollywood Bed  and my two beds in Classic Black vs White.

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I have listed the HTP paints for you right here…..

French Vanilla | Raven | Blushing | Dark Antiquing Patina | Vintiques Satin Top Coat

Speaking of future projects…..

I’ve  just announced my NEW Fabulous Dah-ling Paint Parties being held here in the San Antonio  area. Please check them out and share with friends living nearby.  We will use Heirloom Traditions Paint to make simple but trendy holiday decor for your front door!!!  I am so excited about the opportunity to hang out with other women and JUST HAVE FUN….painting.  There MAY be a margarita involved….maybe!

Until next week…..

Stay FANCY….and Fabulous……



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  1. The design considerations for this custom bed were pretty darn daunting! So amazed by the way you were able to honor the wishes of the Mama, the Little, AND your own creative vision! Timeless, sophisticated and glamorous…perfection.

    • Thank you so much Heather! Honoring a clients wish is always the goal of course…..but can be so very intimidating! I was certainly after the “timeless” aspect so thank you for confirming that for me. I value your opinion!

  2. Tracey………this turned out beautifully!! I love the way you walk us through the process of adding and altering details. It’s so true to the process.
    The combination of script, metallic and Gator somehow blends beautifully!
    Of COURSE they both loved it in the end.

    • Thank you Nicole! I love that you can appreciate the effort it takes to combine patterns, texture and finishes! I am honored that you approve! Thanks again for your support!

  3. That is a gorgeous transformation! So fancy!

  4. Lisa Brinkman says:

    Amazing headboard. Did you stencil the lettering? If so where did you get the stencil? I have 5 favorite people I follow and you are at the top of the list… Love your work. I wished I lived closer so I could attend your calss.

    • Lisa, this message totally made my day!! Thank you so much for your loyal following. The lettering was done by using a custom stencil I had made for another project. It is a Romeo and Juliet sonnet that was cut for me by The Mad Stencilist. He is amazing
      to work with a extremely affordable. I also wish you could come to my classes!!!
      Take care!

  5. ummm…this beauty lands on my favorite list!!!! Way to knock it out of the park woman! Your talent and tasteful touch of classy elegance adds happiness to many homes around the world! Your clients and followers are lucky to learn techniques from you! I’m glad you can share this with others! Although, if I wanted a piece i’d be getting it from the artist herself not trying to do my own! No matter how many notes/ pointers you give me it never ends up as perfect as yours!!! I love you and shine on!

    • my sweet sweet girl! you have no idea how surprised i was to see something from you here on my website!!!! your words melt my heart! i have returned to read this several times today just for the feel good that it gives me. thank you for the love….thank you for your time…and thank you for your support. more than anything….thank you for being the best daughter a mother could EVER EVER EVER ask for! i love you…..and i am shining!

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