Pretty Pretty Peacock Dresser

This peacock dresser makes my heart beat fast when I look at it!  I am so pleased with how it turned out!  It is glamorous, funky, artistic and a little bit yummy to me!  But this result came AFTER a few SNAFUS along the way…….
Peacock Dresser | Tracey's Fancy


Even the best of plans tend to go wonky!  Watch this short video for a peak into one of my MANY “what the heck do I do now” moments…….

Now that you’ve seen the video of me baring my soul….let me explain my original plans.  I was first inspired by a Consuela Desings bag.  It has a funky little patch with a peacock sort of wrapped around the front corner.  It is out of place and unexpected…and I wanted to do just that.  However, the peacock on the patch is sort of “folk-art-ish”.  Well…..when I copied that onto my original black blob…it looked as if a three-year-old had done it!  It was really more than awful.  I had no choice but to paint over it, which took me back to the blob…..hence the video….TWO days…..a blob…and a finally a breakthrough!   Stick with the design…..just take it down a glamorous path instead!  A gorgeous peacock….and then surround her with a modern/retro POP of black and white!

And THIS is the result!
Peacock Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

It is still unexpectedly placed in the design with the wrap-around feature.  The colors in the peacock dresser do not blend in ANY way with the leopard or the hot pink…..yet it seems to work!!!


Peacock Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

The vibrant colors came alive even MORE with a heavy distressing….which allowed the black from the underlying “BLOB” to peak through adding depth and richness.

Peacock Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

I have been asked many times how I paint a leopard pattern.  I have included a short video here showing you step by step how simple this pattern is!


Peacock Dresser Painted Feathers | Tracey's Fancy

The peacock dresser itself is painted with a paint called Marilyn’s Lipstick by Heirloom Traditions Paint Company. It is a fabulous pink that is fun and sexy without being to childish or tacky. It is a chalk paint though….which often dry with a flat finish. I really wanted a deep rich sheen.  SO……they offer another product called Aurora Staining Gels.  These gels can be used on raw wood, unsealed painted furniture and even fabric.  I use them OFTEN and they are without a doubt my favorite product that the company carries.  I lathered the gel stain in RAZZMATAZZ over the dried pink paint for a rich layered gorgeous pink glazed finish that you can see very clearly in this photo.

Peacock Dresser Hardware | Tracey's Fancy

Here is another quick video showing the layering technique of the gel stain over the paint….and the difference it makes in the finish.

For those of you that would like to create this finish yourself,  you can purchase these paints from Heirloom Traditions online and PLEASE use my coupon code FANCY (all caps) for 10% off your purchase!  Your business helps me earn free supplies from this fabulous paint company… that I can continue to create even more fancied-up-funkified-glamorous pieces to share with you!


Thank you for being here….and happy painting!

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  1. Tracey, this piece is pure inspiration! Only you would be able to combine leopard print, shimmery hot pink, and a beautifully executed retro-peacock into one delectable confection. Thank you for including the video clips – super helpful!

    • Thank you Heather for your kind words. They encourage me more than you know. I followed my heart on this piece and can only hope it inspires others to do the same.


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