My Glamourous Metallic Silver Dresser

Metallic Silver Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

What girl doesn’t appreciate a little GLAM in their life???

After a day of carpooling, baby spit-up, traffic, going head to head with the boss…..whatever it is that you do on a daily basis….a LITTLE GLAM could go a LONG way in this world we live in! Especially if it’s a slam of glam with a illustrious  silver dresser.

My client asked me to recreate a piece that caught her eye in my portfolio.  You can see that metallic dresser below and in my gallery here.

Silver Dresser Inspiration Piece | Tracey's Fancy

The original dresser was made for a client in Staten Island, NY and was done several years ago when browns and golds were the IN THING (still are in my house….shhhhh!).  She wanted me to recreate this piece in a cool tones that have now become the IN THING….greys and silvers.  So I did just that with a silver dresser!

The french provincial style dressers have become nearly EXTINCT here in south Texas with the DIY wave and everyone in the world deciding they want to be a furniture painter and leaving me with absolutely nothing to source from and have to fight like a dog to get my hands on!!!!  BUT I FOUND ONE!  I may have had to drive 3 hours round trip to get it…..but SCORE!

 Silver Dresser Before | Tracey's Fancy

My go-to in paint is always Heirloom Traditions Paint Company.  For the body of this piece I chose Moody, which is a nice blue/gray color for the undercoat and topped this with a creamy ivory called Irish Cream.   I then used silver leafing for the drawer fronts.  This technique is so easy and makes such a huge impact! The metallic silver dresser is stunning! (Use my coupon code FANCY when shopping HTP products for 10% off your order!)

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I did a short “how to” video of the silver leafing process for you here.

For all the products I used for silver leaf, look at the SHOP NOW section below!

I finished off the hardware and nail heads with my favorite silver metallic spray paint before putting them in place.

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This gorgeous dresser with its multi-tonal softly distressed shimmering front finish is now on its way to sunny Florida…..where it will add a little GLAM to the life of a busy girl!

Metallic Silver Dresser - After | Tracey's Fancy

If you want to copy this metallic silver dresser, you can get these paints from Heirloom Traditions and PLEASE use my coupon code FANCY for 10% off your purchase! Your business helps me earn free paint supplies so I can continue creating funkified GLAMOROUS masterpieces! So thank you!

For your shopping convenience, here are the products I used in this silver metallic finish.


Moody (use FANCY for 10% off) Irish Cream (use FANCY for 10% off) Chalk-type Brush (use FANCY for 10% off)
Silver Leaf Silver Leaf Adhesive Krylon Metallic Silver Spray Paint (ror hardware)

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Pin it: Metallic Silver Dresser | Tracey's Fancy


  1. I’m so glad you found the time to write a post on this latest creation. Thank you! My world just wasn’t complete until I could Pin and Share about this magical transformation. xoxo

  2. I LOVE IT!!! I can’t WAIT to do this on my daughters furniture!!! Right now it’s ugly stain….that orangey look…..and I’m ready to change it. It’ll probably be white and gold.

    • Thank you Angela!!! White and gold will be gorgeous!!!! Let me know if you need have any quesitons before you get started! And send pics please when you are done! I’d love to see the end result!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
    I have a very similar nightstand and tons of silver leaf but…

    I’ve been itching to try mercury glass spray paint on something.
    Do you think subbing it for the silver leaf would result in a nice finish?

    • Thank you Demetra! To be honest I have never tried Mercury Glass spray paint. I’ve never even heard of it! But I love mercury glass and would love to see your results if you choose to go that direction! So far….I’ve not found another product that offers the same brillaince as actual silver or gold leafing!

  4. You are talented 🏆

  5. Love this look. I’ve never seen anyone do this before. I’m looking to redo a french provincial dresser I picked up at a flea market last week, and I want to do this. I’m looking on amazon at silver leaf sheets. Do you recommend a brand? What are your thoughts on the aluminum?

    • Hello…I apologize for the delay in my answer. I actually use this silver leaf…and I order through amazon…here is the link
      You will need the adhesive and sealer also….I use the same brand as the leafing.
      If you have never used silver leaf….you will love it! It can be addicting! Have fun and let me know if you have any more questions!

  6. Also, how durable is the finish?

  7. Marilyn Proctor Walker says:

    Is the finished product all silver? One looked all silver and the other looked blueish gray in places with blue in the cracks and silver other places. I liked the blueish gray with silver one. How do you get the blueish gray effect? What paints and when do you apply?
    Also how do you distress without ruining the metallic silver applied?

    • Hello Marilyn,
      There are two dressers photographed with silver leaf on the drawer fronts. One dresser has the blue-ish gray tones under the ivory and also under the silver leafing. I used Heirloom Traditions Paint. You can order directily from there website…and be sure to use my coupon code FANCY for a discount. I believe I listed the paints in the “shop now” section at the end of the blog. You can actually just click on the pictures of the product and it will take you directly to their site. I painted the drawers in the Moody Blue before I applied the silver leaf…so when the leaf cracked you would see the blue underneath. I did not distress the silver leaf and really don’t ever. I did paint the moody blue under the Irish Cream White also…so when I distressed the white…the blue would peak through. I hope this helps!

  8. Tracey, I did the Silver Leaf on a dresser and once completed I sprayed the Sealer on! Now it has a tacky feel to it! How can I get the sticky feel gone?

    • Hi Shelley! I’ve never had the silver leaf be tack AFTER I applied the sealer. I know this sounds crazy….but is there any chance you accidentally sprayed the adhesive as the sealer instead? I only ask…becuause I have done this very thing! They make the cans identical…and I have mixed them up. I had to lay down more silver leaf….and then re-seal. The sealer should dry within an hour at most…and not be tacky at all. I hope this helps!

  9. Marylin H says:

    I love! Love! This piece. Thanks for sharing I have a dresser very similar like that one I would like to try to do it. Question: do you prime before applying the gold or silver? And one question: I love your backdrop where can I find one like that one if you don’t mind to share

    • Hello Marylin,
      I do not prime before leafing….the leaf adhesive is like cement! My backdrops were ordered from a company on Etsy….and I swear the name has just left my brain. I will see if there is a label on the container that I store it in and send that to you! THanks so much for your comments…and for being here!

  10. Diane Holland says:

    Hello I love it thanks so much , seen your work now I’m going to do my home in it lol love from Diane

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