Simple Sophistication

2015-10-20_0001As Tracey tells it…”Look at what a piece can offer you.  What is it trying to tell you; How does it want to be dressed.” One look at this beautiful buffet and it said, “Don’t overdress me!”  That’s “fancy” talk for ….don’t add too much paint or don’t over-paint me! (just a little Texas humor)


Seriously, we had already painted this gorgeous desk for the office and Ms. Hailey (Tracey’s daughter) needed a credenza for storage and an additional workspace.



We started with Heirloom Traditions Paints and chose Ala Mode Chalk Type Paint followed with Heirloom Traditions Clear Wax.

Screenshot at Oct 20 23-05-21



The process for the buffet was pretty straight forward.

  1. We dusted and cleaned the wood with a soft cloth.
  2. Painted the surfaces that spoke, “Dress me” with Heirloom Traditions Paint Ala Mode
  1. Polished and sealed with Heirloom Traditions Clear Wax


For the Desk:

  1. We used Heirloom Traditions Paint Ala Mode, 2 coats, on the legs and body of the desk allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.
  1. Applied one coat of Ala Mode to the top flat surface, leaving the edge in its natural state.
  1. For the drawers; we had these cool looking coffee bean burlap bags with logos, color, and writing, so we measured and cut out the logo and decoupaged them on the drawer fronts.

Screenshot at Oct 20 23-07-14

  1. Tracey then sanded the top of the desk to allow the wood’s natural surface to peer back through.
  2. She then distressed, liberally, the rest of the desk to give a warm, aged, shabby effect.
  3. Heirloom Traditions Clear Wax finished the process and sealed it for a beautiful, rich warm glow!
  4. The finishing touch was large, glass knobs from Hobby Lobby. It really completed the set and added that unexpected “glam” for our favorite “glamorous” daughter’s office space!




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