A Fancy Repurposed Cigar Box for a Girly Girl

Well would you look at that! I’ve transformed another “small” and my back loves me for it!  (no heavy lifting) It may be small….but I really felt its transformation was worthy of sharing. I am calling this my Repurposed Cigar Box.  Why?  I honestly don’t know….has something to do with “SEO” and “readability”….it’s a “blogging” […]

Rustic Glam Crocodile Finish Furniture

  Oh Just Another Crocodile Finish! I realize this photo is already out there….already been seen….looks like a repeat! I posted the photo prematurely to social media out of pure excitement…..without having any type of instructional or tutorial ready for it! So THIS post….just offers paint colors….instructional videos….and a few fabulous views of my crocodile […]

Hello Gorgeous Painted Vanity

Well HELLO GORGEOUS!!!! Something about this custom-painted vanity makes me hear that Meghan Trainor song “Me Too”! Do you know this song??  If not….you need to look it up and LISTEN!  It’s a super sassy, feel-good song that makes you want to dance in front of a mirror! …….”if I was you, I’d wanna be […]