School of Mermaid Chairs

If you loved my original Mermaid Chair post …. Then welcome to the “school”!!!!   When I brought my mermaid chair vision to reality back in March of 2016, I never imagined I would be painting mermaid chairs around the clock for days on end!  There is not a day that goes by that you will […]

Wonderful Wall Art Ideas

Wall art is a new gig for me. I did not look for “it” ….”it” found me. It feels funny to be NEW at something.  I have painted furniture for so long now….and a certain confidence comes with time.  Painting signs is like dating a new guy…(even though I’m happily married…let me reminisce)…..I think I […]

Hello Sunshine Painted Buffet

Hello from Texas! Where it is still 90+ degrees outside and the thought of pulling out my fall decor just doesn’t seem right even though we are almost halfway through September already! So I spent the last week whipping up a painted buffet with a lot of sunshine and happiness!  Who says we have to […]